Mizerak Pool Table – I Got a Pleasant Surprise

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My friend recently set up a Mizerak pool table in his cellar. I had been a tiny bit leery, believing he explained he picked an 8-foot dining table (being in love with 9-foot tables, anything less occasionally feels like blasphemy!), but I will admit my curiosity got the best of me.

Mizerak Pool Table

I am of a generation of men who grew up researching how to play pool for novices, who wanted to play pool as we travelled through school, who got old, got jobs and went out each night to play at a pool hall and assert companionably about how to play pool… you know, men who only loved to shoot pool!

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But we were men who never got around to getting our own houses, let alone able to find space someplace to place in our own pool tables outdoor pool tables. Therefore it was always a fantasy of ours which”one day” we would have our own tables within our own houses, and have amazing pool nights all of the time without needing to be worried about racking up on the enormous tabs we had been capable of in a pool hall on a fantastic night.

This friend of mine wasn’t among my ordinary”pool friends”, however. He was a buddy via being a co-worker together with my spouse, so he didn’t possess the 9-foot table-only stigma branded to his mentality how my other pool-hall buddies have. I must hand it to him, it’s absolutely a wonderful table because of its size and cost (about $1800). I had been wrong to be cautious, however ecstatic that he did not go to the more economical 7-foot pool table!

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I showed up with a chunk of disbelief hefted up in my shoulder, prepared to snub my nose in my friend and his”poor table”, but that I was not able to pull it off. His was a slick black Mizerak pool table, using a slate bed, pedestal-style thighs, black laminate top railings, and company rubber cushions which performed better than I anticipated.

It came standard with a deep-red yarn fabric, and it showed off glistening chrome pocket caps. The de was slower than I selected, however, I adapted quickly and was really happy both the contractors obtained the dining table levelled perfectly and the cellar area had been almost made with an 8-foot pool table in your mind:

There weren’t any interfering support columns, and the walls were enough off from the table that there was no interference with the cue sticks. I understood a 9-foot table could have certainly had cue stand interference, and that I was so pleased with the design of the cellar area, along with the relaxation and ease of play I couldn’t find the guts to whine about the bigger table-size.

Overall, it was the day we’d christening my friend’s brand new pool table. I forgot all about the chip on my shoulder, also got swept up at the friendly contest, in playing a nice and shiny new dining table at a friend’s house. We were totally thrilled that remaining in could be so much pleasure, and save so much cash, not just on table-time, but on meals and booze too, hee-hee!

When the time comes to my spouse and I eventually get our own house, I might want to settle for an 8-footer rather than the 9-footer of my fantasies. And if that is correct, well, I know I can still be pretty pleased with something bigger. In any event, I am sure I will be scoping out all of the tables that I will find, praying among these actually grabs my fancy.

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