How to Fix My Xbox?

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Don’t you hate it when you’re Xbox is broken! I do and that I learnt how to fix my Xbox. I got home one day with a brand new game, I had been waiting for ages, but when I place it, oh no… it didn’t work. So I tried everything, and FINALLY, I got it to work.

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I had what lots of individuals keep getting – the 3 red lights. I didn’t know what to do, so I came on the internet and found something which fixed it. I found out how to repair my xbox on the internet, and you are about to now. From time to time, the majority of things prevent our xboxs from functioning, so make sure you try these strategies.

How to fix my Xbox? Ultimate Guide to Fixing Xbox

Number 4 is a temporary fix for the 3 red lights, so if that’s your problem, skip ahead to 4. I used it to fix my xbox, but ended up discovering something permanent later on.

  • This catches a huge amount of people outside! This is the way to fix my own xbox, or what I’ve done before. By by simply wiping the disc and checking it for scrapes you generally fix it.

Check your cables

  • Another silly one but a thing I used when I had been learning how to repair my xbox. It is not what is wrong quite often but it’s worth a quick check just in case.

Assess your own controller

  • These wireless controllers can run out of power without notice, therefore if your control won’t turn on, you have a battery issue. This is another simple thing but can on occasion be the alternative.
  • This is how to fix my Xbox and what I used formerly. This is by no means permanent – it just lasts 4 – 5 times but at least you’re becoming more gambling time right! You can fix your Xbox by making it overheat.
  • It is not advised but it does work – I discovered that this trick while looking for how to fix my Xbox. It works. Turn your Xbox on and wrap it in towels. Leave it for a little while, come back, take off the towels and let it cool while off. Then turn it on. 9 days out of 10 you’ll get more gambling time.
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These things should work and you need to have the ability to get your Xbox working. I searched and found these items; I learnt how to fix my Xbox.

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How to Fix the Xbox 360 E74 Error?

And I must say, I wasn’t happy how my games console was behaving.

I did exactly the same as you, looked on the internet for assistance and that I stumbled upon the worst recommendations on”getting my games back to perform”. A lot of these guides would really make my method worse.

Xbox 360 E74 Error What is it?

However, our primary concern would be to permanently resolve this issue right? Yes, it could be fixed, that is the great news, my friend! Here Are a Few Tips that You Might Want to consider:

1. It’s possible to utilize and change out your AV cable using a brand-new AV cable. If this doesn’t work you might need to follow these hints below.

2. You can absolutely send your games console to Microsoft in case you believe that sending it into a local tech isn’t best for you. Possessing a guarantee with Microsoft is well worth it since they will repair your games console though it is often very costly to send it.

3. You can surely send it to a tech that you” understand“. I state this because I’ve dealt with a local tech before and not only did they rip off me but my console wasn’t fixed correctly as they guaranteed. Just take into account since there are numerous technicians which will literally swap components out of the Xbox 360 with older components which might not operate. I strongly advise that you start looking for a trusted source to repairing your games.

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4. You are able to use an internet manual that provides step-by-step videos about the best way best to restore your Xbox 360 e74 error message in your own house. You do not need to rely upon a local tech (which can steal/swap components with no consent ) or about Microsoft (which can take 4-6 weeks to your console to get there back to you).


These manuals provide exceptional support for your demands. The manuals will ensure your console to completely and permanently work in an hour. I’d say that sending to Microsoft is a fantastic idea instead of sending it into a local tech (if you don’t understand them). I would also suggest an internet step-by-step manual (that is great and cheap ).

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