Happy Hours: Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

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Hosting fairs is a method people socialize, create business opportunities and revel in the spirit of togetherness in Rajasthan. Here enlisted are a few of the fairs held in various towns of Rajasthan.

Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

The biggest reasonable across Rajasthan is held at the little city of Pushkar pre-dominantly at the months of October or even November Ladies festival weekend. The Pushkar ka Mela as it’s better called, is the scenic of Rajasthan’s culture, arts, and tradition. Rajasthan Tourism is in its finest with this type of festivity on screen. The bold use of colors – healthy surroundings and sense of pride in the faces of these occupants make an air irresistible to detach from.

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The Significant attractions of this fair would be:

Camel Race: Countless camels are offered, decorated and hurried for the enjoyment of this audience. Camels also appear to enjoy the fanfare.

Mustache: Public show of extra-ordinarily enormous mustaches by guys from around Rajasthan catches audiences in amazement.

Groomer: Among the most attractive folk dances in India. The lively yet speedy, delicate and graceful movements of the actors create every foot round the operation tap into the audio.

The conventional dressing design of females and males is more attractive to the eye. The colorful yet enormous turbans followed by glistening apparel on the human body and slender Jooti around the foot make men attract a great deal of attention. Ladies don conventional flowing lehengas and complete length blouses polished with stitched cushions onto them. The entire arm covering multi-colored bangles, thick and long earrings, and nose rings Natni would be the dominant decorative coverings together with hefty bracelets.

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Founded in February in Nagaur, Rajasthan is a distinctive fair starring’cattles.’ The cattles are made together from around Rajasthan and decorated with their owners. The adorned battles are rather an eye-candy as well as the eccentricity of this event enchants the vacationers. Tug of War, Bullock races are highlights of the occasions.

Founded in Dungarpur, compromises of several conventional rulers and stretches for a span of 4 times. Most Rajasthan tour package businesses encourage visitors to buy the handicrafts up available as souvenirs.

Like the wineries, the festivals of Rajasthan appear to attract vigor of their own. The aura of those festivals in Rajasthan creates happy vibes in the air and anybody in proximity to them may sense them.

Developed by Rajasthan Tourism Board, the Desert Festival aka Thar Festival spring up the tumultuous sand dunes to existence with the addition of vibrant colors, luxurious markets, traditional folklore and a lot more. The audio is celestial and will cause you to swing with the melodious sounds of tools like ektara. The festival occurs at the colder times of January or February, and Rajasthan Tour Packages guarantee that the tourists get to get involved in the festivities.

Celebrated together with the festival of colors i.e. Holi, the Elephant festival supplies treats such as the parade of decorated elephants, games of polo played elephants, elephant racing together with heart-pumping dancing and music. The elephants appear to delight in the parties as far as the people involved. Rajasthan Tours increase manifold to see the festivities such as this.

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The Gangaur festival is a particular festival just for girls. Married, Unmarried and Newlyweds would be the dominant participants in the parties. Colorful marches are performed on town roads. Ladies observe the festival by creating mehendi (henna) patterns in their hands. Female vacationers on Rajasthan tours combine the party and become submerged in the air of pleasure.


The aforementioned are only a couple of glimpses of the festivities that take place in the glorious state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tourism guarantees merriment and attention for all of the tourists that take part in the fairs and festivals. There are loads of more festivals which you will find when you intend your Rajasthan Tours.

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