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Help I Have No Clue!

Help I Know I Have A Virus But My Security Programs Cant Find It

HELP I Have A Problem

Help I Have Tryed Everything


Hi And Also I Have Another Question

Hi I'm New And I Know I Have A Problem

I Can't Recognise The Virus

I Don't Know What Kind Of Processor I Have?

I Have A Hardware Issue?

I Have "System Alert" Popup Balloons

I Have 25 Minutes To Unscrew Myself With My Work Pc

I Have A Hijack This Log That I Need Help On It Pleas

I Have A Condom.i Mean Trojan! Help

I Have A Dumb Router Question

I Have A AMD2800 Pc And I Need Help!

I Have A Confused Web Cam

I Have A Few Problems. Please Help With What You Can

I Have A Few Serious Questions About MSN

I Have A HJT Log And A Question.

I Have A Backdoor.Sdbot

I Have [emailprotected] Can Anyone Help I Have Hijack

I Have 100% CPU Usage. Likely From SVCHOST. Please Help!

I Have A Non-cleanable Worm.help Please

I Have 2 Pc Problem's Plsss Help! :/

I Have A Crucial M4 SSD That I Need To Erase? How?

I Have 12 Svchost.exe

I Have A Bad Spyware Problem HELP PLEASE

I Have 35 Trojans?

I Have 2 DLL Errors On My Computer And I Can't Seem To Fix/remove

I Have A PE_CIH Virus.HELP!

I Have A Dell Optiplex GX270. Can It Support A Graphics Card?

I Have A Hacktool.rootkit Problem

I Have 4 Trojans With The Yellow Triangle In The Toolbar HELP!

I Have A HUGE Problem Here Guys (involving Winantispyware

I Have 2 Trojans!

I Have A Huge Problem!

I Have A BIG Problem

I Have A Huge Problem

I Have 40Gb Of Files On My HD I Cant Read.

I Have A Virus PLEASE HELP! HijackThis Log In Message

I Have A Windows Problem.


I Have 2 More Viruses.blah. When Is This Gonna End!? HJT Log Included.

I Have A Norton Ghost Question

I Have A Serious Problem And I Can't Find Any Solustions For It. Please Help!

I Have A Serious Problem Here

I Have 2 Administrator Folders In My Doc&settings

I Have A Pop Up In I.e. That I Can't Get Rid Of

I Have 2 Primary And 2 Secondary IDE Channels In My Device Manager +2 Ultra ATA Contr

I Have A Problem

I Have A Trojan Virus And I'm Clueless

I Have A Thingy Called "Roings"

I Have A Problem I Can't Find A Info About Anywhere

I Have A Wireless Question.

I Have A Trojan Horse Dropper.generic_c.mmi

I Have A Problem In Registering My Windows

I Have A Toshiba Gigabeat S.NEED HELP! (involves WMP)

I Have A Buffer Overrun From Internet Explorer!

I Have A Trojan - Here's My HiJackThis Log

I Have A Major Problem

I Have A Trojan (hjt Log Inside)

I Have A Major Trojan PLEASE Help Me!

I Have A Mal/Packer Which I Cant Delete

I Have A Virus> HijackThis Log.

I Have A Bunch Of Weird Stuff Going On Here PLEASE HELP ME!

I Have A Dialer Hijacker--pls Help

I Have A Dos Agobot.gen Infection

I Have A Problem--please Help Me?

I Have A Laptop That Needs Drives That Go Beyond Z?

I Have A Dual Boot Partition NIGHTMARE Please Help

I Have A Feeling Something Is Amiss!

I Have A Question.

I Have A Strange Problem

I Have 640MB RAM

I Have A Question About "downloadable Graphic Drivers"

I Have A Unheard Of Problem With WinAVI Converter

I Have A Lot Of Problems And Can Use All The Help I Can Get.

I Have A Trojan And Possibly Other Viruses As Well Here Is My Hijack This Log

I Have A Virus "generic!atr"

I Have Done All The Right Steps But Nothing

I Have Exactly The Same Problem - Trojan And A PUP

I Have A Problem.!

I Have A Virus & You Helped Me Before

I Have A Problem.WoW

I Have A Trojan Win32 And Vundo Virus

I Have Done The Research

I Have Given Up.

I Have A Spyware Problem As Far As The Eye Can See. Includes Hijackthis Report

I Have Been Infected! HJT File Included.

I Have A Generic Dropper Trojan PLEASE HELP

I Have A Question

I Have Google Redirecting Virus.HELP!

I Have A Question About Svchost.exe

I Have An Unknown Computer In My Workgroup

I Have Addclass.exe In My Files Which I Am Trying To Remove But I Need Your Help.

I Have A Problem Heres My Hjt Log

I Have A Trojan. Please Help

I Have A Screensaver Saved On A Floppy

I Have A Question About Ares

I Have A Question

I Have Hacktool.rootkit Virus

I Have Hacktool.rootkit

I Have A Zlob Virus For 64 Bit Vista Can ANYONE HELP?!?!

I Have A Small Question About Getting Email From The Future In Outlook Express

I Have Been Hijacked.again!

I Have A Trojan.please Help.heres My Log

I Have Been Hijacked.HELP

I Have Many TIF Have Run HijackThis Please Can You Check The Log

I Have No Idea Whats Wrong.

I Have Been Infected By Worm.win32.netsky

I Have A Problem Just A Quick Check Hijack Log Inside

I Have No Idea What This Highjackthis Log Says.

I Have A Virus/trojan/porn Issue Also.

I Have A Weired Spy/virus . Plzzz Help

I Have No Idea Where To Post This-music?

I Have Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 I Need Help

I Have A Devil Computer.

I Have An Hjt That Wants Checking

I Have A Problem With The Built-in CD Writing Software On WinXP

I Have A Win32:Trojan-gen {UPX}

I Have A Virus! Please Check This HJT Log!

I Have No Idea?

I Have An Acer Aspire 3050 That Freezes Occasionally And Can Not Resolve This

I Have A Trojan_zlob.dwx Need Help With Removal. Hjt Included

I Have A Problem With Trojan.digits Helps Please

I Have A Problem That I Just Can't Figure Out!

I Have 'mefeedia Tool Bar. It's A Hassle.

I Have An Idea

I Have A Virus.zlob.downloader.vcd

I Have HijackThis I Just Need To Know Whats Wrong With My Comp And How To Fix It !

I Have No Internet Conection With Ubuntu 9.10 On An Emachine E625

I Have No Idea What This Is.HELP!

I Have ICS But Can't See Each Other

I Have ICMP Blocked On My Wireless Router.

I Have Aquired The Network Monitor Trojan And Here Is My Hijack This Log

I Have Never Gotten Any Viruses

I Have 'lost' Windows XP Style Appearance - Please Help.

I Have A Problem

I Have Been HiJacked.Plz Help.

I Have A Trojan Horse BHO Infection. Pls Help.

I Have BIG Problems.

I Have Some Sort Of Virus

I Have A Question

I Have Been Trapitted

I Have A Mega Virus/Hijack Problem!

I Have No History/visited Links

I Have A Mess

I Have No 'Summary' Tab In My Folder Properties

I Have Avast! Antivirus And Two Viruses Infecting System32 Files.

I Have No Idea

I Have The HPWirelessMgr.exe Error Screen


I Have Another Spysheriff Infected Laptop

I Have No Idea How To Fix This

I Have The Internet Speed Monitor Spyware.

I Have An Hp Pavilion Laptop And It Now Has No Available Memory And I Can't Download

I Have Deleted The First Part Of My Problem

I Have A Virus HJT Log File Included.

I Have A Question About Laptop Keyboards - Is It Normal For Them To Flex

I Have 3 Accts I Am The Only One That Can Connect

I Have Some Sort Of Hijacker On My Ie.help.hijack This Log Attached

I Have Backups Of Videos.whaaat?

I Have Aquired The P2P - Worm Here Is My Hijack This Log

I Have Applnit.dll And Ossproxy.exe On My Laptop

I Have Seven Copies Of Instmsiw.exe - Can I Delete Some?

I Have An Old NEC 9616 Ready Problem

I Have A Problem On Burning An .iso File

I Have Difficulties With Zepto Virus

I Have No Clue What Im Doing Wrong

I Have Gen. Adware.Heur. Mg1 On My Pc

I Have That Pesky FBI Haux Even After Following A Solved Link


I Have Estalive HELP Please

I Have Caused A Mess

I Have No Idea What I Am Doing

I Have Suffered The Wrath Of About:blank HELP! PLEASE!


I Have Swizzor And AVG Keeps On Finding It

I Have The [emailprotected] Virus! Help

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing. Help Me Out Please.

I Have A Trojan 11.BB In An Archive That AVG Can't Fix

I Have Swizzor! Please Help.

I Have The Trojan Vundo.IG

I Have No Idea What Is Going On!

I Have The 401 Mpv Warning HELP ME!

I Have The Trojan.Vundo

I Have An Error Log Dump C++ App Crashing Help?

I Have Several Problems

I Have Something In Here And I Can't Get Rid Of It

I Have Lots Of Pop Ups And Slow Internet Speed

I Have Downloader.trojan

I Have The Virus Univ.script/99a (need Help)

I Have Trojan.agent W/ Fake Alerts Plz Help!

I Have An EMERGENCY Question!

I Have Become Cynical Of MS

I Have The Vundo Virus And A Few Other Issues

I Have Kenny16.exe

I Have A Trojan/Dialler

I Have Died & Went To Smitfraud-C.CoreServices Hell!

I Have No Idea What Is Going On. {Moved By Moderator.looks Like Wareout}

I Have The Same Problem This Is My HJT Log

I Have The"[emailprotected] And "downloader" Trojan

I Have A "Dummy" For A Router Question?

I Have A Bunch Of Stuff That Shouldn't Be There

I Have One Quick Question About A Motherboard 8(

I Have A Trojan And AVG Finds Nothing

I Have An Exam Comming Up And.

I Have Smitfraud-c & Wild Tangent (help)

I Have A Few Trojans All Of A Sudden (vundo

I Have A Keylogger And A Worm And My Internet Explorer Is Acting Werid

I Have Too Much STUFF On My Computer.HELP!


I HAVE THESE POPUPS AND POP64 Running Cant Get Rid Of It Please Help

I Have The Bloodhound.w32.ep Virus

I Have Lost The Listing For My History

I Have The Sinowal.trojan.here Is My HijackThis Log

I Have No Idea What This Problem Is Plz Plz Help!

I Have Som Sorof Virus Please Help!

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM.Windows Script Host:Can Not Find Script File C:\autorun.vbs

I Have A Virus. And An HJT Log

I Have Two Issues.HELP!

I Have Psw.x-vir

I Have Been Infected With A Trojan ‘Zlob/BAH’

I Have PSW.x-Vir Spyware

I Have No Idea What's Going On.

I Have Several Questions

I Have NO Idea Whats Happening To My Computer!

I Have Two Problems Please Help Me

I Have To Constantly Repair My Connection

I Have No Idea What Just Happened.

I Have Two Questions

I Have No Idea Why This Works.

I Have Looked Everywhere For A Answer

I Have Two Questions

I Have Trojan.startpage Virus (zona02.exe) HELP Please

I Have The CWS Hijacker

I Have Lost All Of My File Associations! (EXPERT HELP NEEDED!)

I Have Two Trojans Help!

I Have SpySheriff. Help. :(

I Have A Problem With Searching The Net

I Have Vundo ={ Help Before I Cry

I Have Minion Case Stealth Black Motherboard And Case

I Have Win Xp Pro And I Cant Get Online Using Aol 6.0?

I Have Virus Sweeper. DDS Log Attached

I Have This Much 1

I Have The PSW.x-Vir Trojan

I Have The 'I-Worm/Bofra' Virus/worm

I Have Vundo. Please Help Me

I Have Tons Of Pop Ups

I Have Some Laptop Questions

I Have Vundo.Help?

I Have This Problem Generic.Ardamax.5A6CA3D9

I Have Been Trying To Resolve This For Months

I Have A Big Problem W/ My Laptop

I Have Virtumonde.sci

I Have Problem With Hijack This

I Have A Trojan: Myurlff.exe

I Have No Idea What's Going On

I Have No Idea What The Heck Is Wrong With My Lappy (BSODs? HDD? CHKDSK?)

I Have Some Sort Of A Trojan Adload Virus Situation

I Have No Idea What Happened To My Screen

I Have A Question About Installation Of Programs

I Have The WebBuy Adware - Web Buy

I Have This Security Toolbar 7.1

I Have Problems

I Have No Internet Connection And Sophos Says Atapi.sys Is A Virus

I Have The Vundo Trojan

I Have That Fake System Defragmenter Malware

I Have Some Type Of Malware. ****3.exe

I Have The Awax.Trojan. Can Someone Help? Hijack Log Inside.

I Have An Issue

I Have The Adware-SubSearch.dr Trojan

I Have Tried For Weeks To Get Rid Of VUNDO

I Have A Vundo Virus. What Do I Do To Get Rid Of It?

I Have The Brand New Flavor Of Spy Axe

I Have The Ywnmon32 Virus

I Have Tried To Get Rid Of Zeus Without Any Success.

I Have Spyware On My Pc

I Have To Re-establish A Dsl Connection Every Time I Reboot

I Have The Dreaded Errorplace .com Can You Help

I Have Big Problem!

I Have Trojan Horse Hijack This Log Included

I Have Another Problem!

I Have No Clue What's Wrong. X-(

I Have No Idea Whats Going On Or Whats Broken.

I Have The Softomate.ietoolbar Spy

I Have Had This Problem For 1 Year Now.need Help

I Have Hijacker.DosPop_Toolbar

I Have AOL - Can I Brdige .

I Have Sys Protect Can't Get Rid Of It!

I Have Trojan.spy.agent.JH

I Have Trojan.Peacomm

I Have Trojan.vundo

I Have Refreshed My Vaio And Now Apps Are Gone Help.

I Have USB 2.0 Then Why Is Comp Running 1.1

I Have To Reset My Wifi Box Every Hour Or So

I Have Win32/fotomoto Malware And Need Help

I Have A TROJAN.VUNDO.H I Cant Get Off My Computer.

I Have A Problem With Http://www.zshare.net

I Have Tried All Your Suggestions.

I Have A Virus That Makes My Computer Laugh!

I Have A Virus But Norton Cannot Delete It

I Have A Vundo Type Virus I Believe.

I Have Win32:Trojan-Gen{UPX!} And Need Help Getting Rid Of It

I Have Some Sort Of Virus

I Have Welchia Virus But Can't Be Detected

I Have Virtumonde AGAIN! Please Help Me

I Have The Vb.so Worm. Please Help?

I Have A Virus: Weemi\weemi.dll

I Have The Trojan. Zlob-X. A

I Have A Problem With My Network Cards! Please Help!

I Have The 'b.exe' Virus

I Have WinAntiVirus On My Computer! Help!

I Have A Problem

I Have Antivirgear On My Computer

I Have An MSSMGR Registry Key Virus

I Have The Troj_samll.cc And Worm_sddrop.cc Please See Log

I Have Win 8.1 & Win Live Mail I Have Lost On The Left Side

I Have Win32:Kreper-C [Trj] Virus

I Have A Wierd Problem ! PLEASE HELP ME :(

I Have A Big Problem

I Have Three Quick Question's?

I Have Windows 8?

I Have Look2me And Purityscan On My Computer And I Cannot Get Rid Of Them

I Have Problem With Security Toolbar 7.1

I Have A Problem Uploading Photos Suddenly.

I Have Several Problems.

I Have My FIRST Laptop.help

I Have Qhosts.apd Trojan And W32/sdbot.wormftp Virus! Need Help! HJT Log File Includ

I Have Wscntfy.exe.Help It Leave Please

I Have Some Kind Of Virus. Added HJT Log File.

I Have Road Runner But Web Still Slow

I Have Run CWshredder And Adaware Now What?

I HAve Spylocked Trojan And A Privacy_danger Trojan That Makes Red Screen On Desktop

I Have To Sign In Each Time I Open Sites.

I Have Tried Everything But Nothing Works

I Have Smitfraud! Please Help!

I Have Win32qhost Virus

I Have Dartsock.dll Error

I Have Win32.Trojan.Dialer.hz Help Please

I Have SP2.it Works So Far.quetion Though

I Have Backdoor-cvt Virus

I Have That AIM Virus (bestfriends.scr)

I Have Got Popunder.paypopup.

I Have The Herss.exe Virus

I Have Scpstelth.cih Ver.2.018.how To Remove?

I Have Been Hijacked (hijackthis Does Not Recognize It)

I Have A Bunch Of Stuff That Chouldn'st Be There

I Have It! Sobig

I Have Issues - Help Needed

I Have Trojan + Logfile

I Have A Similar Issue

I Have A Similar Question Also

I Have Trojan Clicker Spyre.Help ME!

I Have To Enter 4000 Emails. Is There A Better Way?

I Have Problems W/IJ 650 Printer On XP

I Have Trojan Spy Here Is Hijack

I Have Trojans And Downloaders - Hijackthis Included

I Have Some Questions

I Have No Idea What To Say My Problem Is :/

I Have Two Trojans! HELP!

I Have Several Problems

I Have No Idea How To Fix This.

I Have The Black Worm Virus.need Help! My Hijack This Log Inside

I Have SEVERAL Problems At Once!

I Know I Have A Virus But Nothing Can Find It

I Have The WinAntiVirus

I Have This Virus Called TR/Spy.Carberp.E Trojan

I Have A Problem With Internal Cd-rws

I Have To Use Exefix08. Why?

I Have 12 Virus Infections.

I Have [emailprotected] And Need Help Removing It

I Have The WinAntiVirus!

I Have Trojans

I Have Trojans In My Temp Files

I Have Tried To Do This 2 Or More Times Now.

I Have Just Scanned With Anti-trojan 5.5 And Now I Am Scared

I Have Windows 7

I Have No Clue What Is Going On.

I Have WebSiteViewer PEASE HELP!

I Have Just Bought A New COrsair 500W PSU And I'm Having Problems Installing It

I Have Screwed Up My Registry

I Have No Clue What I'm Doing Help Me Please!

I Have Trouble Connection Nothing Else Does

I Have DELETED Explorer.exe File With KillBox. Can I Get It Back?

I Have Temp0.exe

I Have Been Hijacked (again!)

I Have The Hacktool.rootkit Virus And It Keeps Coming Back

I Need Help With Some Problems!

I Think I Have A Worm Someone Please Help Me

I Think I Have Security Problems (but I'm Not Sure)

Im Not Sure What It Is But There Is A Problem And I Cant Sort It Myself PLEASE HELP!

I've Got Some Serious Problems.

Just Downloaded HJ.

Login Screen Say I Have 40 Unread Messages Even Though I Have None

Mom Has The Virus

More Than One E-mail Address

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